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Low Vitamin D Linked to High Asthma Rate in African-American Children

It appears that Vitamin D may play a greater role in the body than once thought.  Vitamin D is important for bone health, depression, autoimmune disorders, and now it appears to have a link to asthma.  Asthma incidence is higher among ethnic minorities in poor urban and inner-city areas, with the District of Columbia having some of the highest rates in the Nation. It is well-understood that African-Americans have lower levels of Vitamin D than other racial groups. In a new study, researchers found that African-American children with asthma in Washington, DC are more likely to have Vitamin D deficiencies.

In their evaluation of a group of African-American children with asthma in Washington, DC , Researchers at Children's National Medical Center discovered that 86% had insufficient levels of Vitamin D.  In comparison, only 19% of the participants without asthma had low Vitamin D levels. The researchers state that Vitamin D testing for African-American children with asthma and ensuring adequate intake of Vitamin D may be a necessary component of their primary care.

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