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Soothing Your Baby with a Song

Plato said, “Music gives a soul to a universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” This quote rings true, especially since music is so present in our everyday lives, and with today’s technology we can listen to it anytime, anywhere. Music is universal.

According to research conducted by OB/GYN Associates in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, music helps heal the body and mind. The rhythm and tone of a song or lullaby relaxes you and your little one, which is great news for parents who are trying to soothe their babies from crying. .

At 25 weeks in their mother’s womb, babies are able to hear voices and sounds from external environments. Research also indicates that music plays a large part in a baby’s development, even before they are born. .

Music and language are in correlation with one another, and as children grow, their sense of music fosters communication skills. Babies who are creatively stimulated are at an advantage early in life. Playing music to help soothe a child or while in the womb will help their cognitive development. .

Listening to lullabies has been known to help soothe babies and children for centuries, and numerous scientific studies have determined that music really does have a strong impact on the mind of an infant. This is incredibly true for parents of premature babies. According to an article from the NY Daily News, vibrations and rhythms of music can be beneficial to preemies. .

In a study conducted at 11 hospitals, led by Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, music therapists helped parents transform their favorite songs into lullabies. Incorporating music into a preemie’s daily routine is a proven way to help calm their breathing, slow down their heartbeat, and make it easier for them to fall asleep, which the study proved. Doctors and researchers said that by reducing stress and stabilizing vital signs, music can allow the preemies to devote more energy to normal development. .

It is important to note that music has a great effect on our brains. In other words, music does more than simply soothe babies. It can also provide them with some much-needed relief from the physical pain that accompanies everything from a medical condition to teething. .

When you combine these findings with the simple fact that it makes sense to leave a soothing song on when it is time for your baby to take a nap or when they are unhappy, the results can be nothing but positive.


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